New Years Eve 2018 in Moscow

Moscow, Russia’s beautiful capital city, is one of those destinations that truly makes the perfect winter holiday destination thanks to the snowy weather which guarantees a “winter wonderland” atmosphere. Join the countless others who will be celebrating New Years Eve 2018 in Moscow, enjoying the festive atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, traditions and rich, long history. There’s nothing quite like seeing the Red Square, blanketed in snow or the beautiful Moskova River flowing peacefully under a layer or ice, or exploring the vibrant city on New Years Eve.

Moscow City for New Years EveRed Square in Moscow to Celebrate New Years EveWinter Wonderland in Moscow for New Years Eve
Moscow City LandscapeRed Square MoscowWinter Wonderland
New Years Eve Parties and Events
During your stay in Moscow, you’ll want to make time to see the Kremlin and the magnificent Russian art’s at the Tretyakov gallery and catch a Bolshoy theatre performance, all unforgettable experiences to share with your family and/or fellow travelers. If you have enough time you’ll also want to visit Sergiyev Posad and stop by the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.
Famaous Bolshoy Theatre for New Years EveTretyakov Gallery - Moscow CultureSergiyev Posad Lavra for New Years Holiday
Famaous Bolshoy TheatreTretyakov Gallery - Moscow CultureSergiyev Posad Lavra
A little known fact is the Russian’s are known for their love of a good party and New Years Eve 2018 in Moscow will be no exception. Most of the hotels, restaurants, nightclub and bars, will be doing their best to outdo one another in their efforts to throw the biggest and best party, while historic, iconic landmarks like the Red Square will be dazzling crowds with their magnificent Christmas tree which acts as a breathtaking backdrop to the remarkable fireworks that take place at midnight, lighting up the sky over legendary landmarks like Lenin’s mausoleum, the Kremlin, Kazan Cathedral and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, incredible sights like nothing you’ve ever seen or will find anywhere else in the world.
Lenin's Mausoleum Moscow for New Years HolidaySaint Basil’s Cathedral for New Years Eve HolidayThe Kazan Cathedral for New Years Eve Holiday
Lenin's Mausoleum Moscow Saint Basil’s CathedralKazan Cathedral
If you’d rather spend New Years Eve away from the bustling crowds in Red Square, you can instead pass the time strolling along the banks of Moscow’s legendary Moskva River and find a peaceful spot to enjoy the fireworks. There are several great vantage points along the lake that will provide you with wonderful views of the fireworks in a much more relaxing setting.
Moscow’s Legendary Moskva RiverNew Years Eve Celebration in MoscowFireworks Party in New Years Eve
Moscow’s legendary Moskva RiverNew Years Eve CelebrationFireworks Party in New Years Eve
If you’d like to spend the evening partying, you’ll be happy to know that there are a large number of bars and nightclubs in Moscow that all seem to be in some kind of competition to outshine each other. Some of the most popular hot spots include Electrosvet, Bar Belka, GQ Bar, Rai, Kino and Propaganda.
Night Club Party for New Years EveSexy Dancer for New Years EveNight Club Garage Moscow
Night Club PartySexy Dancer & ModelsNight Club Garage Moscow
If it’s views you’re after, you’ll want to make arrangements to spend the evening in the Sky Lounge which guarantees awesome views of the fireworks. Dining options are also plentiful in Moscow, which is home to more than 5,000 restaurants, serving everything from traditional Russian food to a wide variety of international cuisine. Dining options also vary in price ranges from budget friendly to 5 star dining experiences.
Russian Gourmet Food and Dishes in New Years EveRussian Traditional Food for New Years Eve DinnerTraditional Russian Cuisine for Dinner in NYE
Russian Gourmet Food and DishesTraditional FoodTraditional Russian Cuisine
New Years Eve 2018 in Moscow Accommodations
Moscow offers an extensive selection of accommodations to choose from, in varying price ranges. Some popular hotel options include the Golden Apple Boutique hotel, the Cosmos Hotel, the National Hotel, the Ritz Carlton hotel, the Korston hotel and the Sheraton Palace hotel. If you are planning on spending NYE in Moscow it is highly suggested that you make your reservations well in advance.

Enjoy your New Years Eve 2018 in Moscow

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